Natural and organic wedding celebrations

Rachel & Eric’s South of France Wedding was planned and designed in only five months. The guideline was about three words: effortless, timeless & natural. We designed with the very talented Perrine a ceremony set-up, inspired and focused by the structure which has hosted a ceiling of white hanging flowers. The matching chairs and the gorgeous aisle decor were all chosen to be consistent with the global styling.

The dinner area has been a central point of the celebration. Hosted and designed under a white organic structure, the very clean yet elegant tables were displayed under a dozen of vegetal & floral clouds, hanging directly from a ceiling of infinite fairy lights, as if flowers were falling form a starry sky.

The actual application of this design was required several sketches, drawings & 3Ds in order to obtain a clean, elegant & organic look with the right amount of florals, lightings & drapes to match Rachel & Eric’s dreamy south of France wedding happen.