Wedding decoration

We like simplicity, refinement, creativity, details & tailoring. We believe that the only styling of the wedding, if it is properly thought and executed does a lot in the experience that you and your guests will share. The choice of the most appropriate vendors such as the music bands or the entertainment are the key to the warmest atmosphere. In order to assemble and unify the experience & the atmosphere, there is nothing like good communication, and we couldn’t be more conscious of this.

We believe in efficiency & transparency. As a couple we’re very complementary which helps being productive. One of our focus is to always have one step ahead in the planning in order to manage perfectly every aspect of the production and the vendor’s management.

Finally and most importantly, we try to be cool, always being relaxed and to us there’s nothing like having the best relationships with our couples and we just couldn’t sleep at night if we’d loose the trust of sympathy of any of a future bride or groom.

Planning weddings is our passion

but above this, we cherish conviviality, communications & family.